SMS based Anti Theft System for Vehicles

SMS based Anti Theft System for Vehicles
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ANTI THEFT SYSTEM FOR VEHICLEIn the present growing economy of India, the country also faces the uprising of  Crime rate. The offense has generated losses in properties, valuables and money and many solutions are performed to minimize and toprevent the crime. Vehicles theft, which is the main concern for the conduct ofthis project, is one of the
biggest crimes which are hard to eliminate. The project and research is conducted for additional features in vehicles alarm system. The device can be added to the present vehicles alarm system without any major modification to it. When the vehicles alarm is triggered, through forced entry or motion sensor detection, the in vehicles phone will send SMS message to the owner’smobile phone to alert him or her to check the vehicle. The SMS message gives immediate alert to the vehicles owner, even if the thief gotten away with the car, so that the owner can immediately take instant actions to notify the local police department or contact the vehicles immobilizer service which come with most GPS car system to immobilize the vehicle. The main components of the toolkit include microcontroller, GSM modem. These components are integrated with the device board and thus
incorporate the wireless features. The GSM modem sends the SMS. The AT commands are serially transferred to the modem. In return the modem transmits the stored message through the wireless link. The microcontroller used in this case is ATMEL AT89S52 .Motorola W220 is used as the GSM modem. In this prototype model, LCD display is used for simulation purpose. The results presented in the thesis support the proper functionalities and working of the system. The timing diagram suggests the response of the modem to various AT (attention) commands.

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