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SMS Based Voting Machine

SMS Based Voting Machine
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This is an Electronic Voting Machine which maintained the voting record for all candidate through messages received as SMS or GPRS Packets and also send acknowledgement of task.Such  Voting machine can be used at different areas of the human being life. Such as reality shows, college’s etc. Sent command from Mobiles or PCs to these devices you can cast your vote to your desired candidate. These devices are designed to remotely casting you’re vote from any where and anytime. Wireless communication has announced its arrival on big stage and the world is going mobile. We want to control everything and without moving an inch. This remote  Electronic Voting Machine is possible through Embedded Systems. The use of “Embedded System in Communication” has given rise to many interesting applications that ensures comfort and safety to human life. The main components of the toolkit include microcontroller, GSM modem. These components are integrated with the device board and thus incorporate the wireless features. The GSM modem receives the SMS. The AT commands are serially transferred to the modem. In return the modem transmits the stored message through the wireless link. The microcontroller validates the SMS and then perform  specific task on the device. The microcontroller used in this case is ATMEL AT89S52  .Motorola W220 is used as the GSM
modem. In this prototype model, LCD display is usedfor simulation purpose. The results presented in the thesis support the proper functionalities and working of the system. The timing diagram suggests the response of the modem to various AT (attention) commands.

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