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GSM BASED Highway Road Traffic Monitoring
  Monitoring of the traffic at the city locations will be easy task. But at the hig..
INR 6,500.00
Microcontroller Based Digital Code Lock
Security is prime most concern in every house hold. In this project we use 8-bit Microcontro..
INR 4,000.00
PC -MC Communication
he advent of new high-speed technology and the growing computer capacity provided realistic ..
INR 3,000.00
Finger Print Base Security System
Fingerprints have been scientifically studied for many years in our society. The characteristics ..
INR 15,000.00
Microcontroller Based Temperature Controller
The aim of this project is to design an ambient temperature measurement circuit. The motivat..
INR 4,000.00
RF Based Remote Control
The Project Long Range Remote Control can be used to remotely control a number of Electrical..
INR 4,000.00
Biomedical Monitoring System With GSM
In spite of the improvement of communication link and despite all progress in advanced communicat..
INR 8,000.00
Finger Print Base Attendance System
  A fingerprint is the feature pattern . It is believed with strong evidence that t..
INR 15,000.00
Mobile Phone Battery Charger
The Mobile Phone Battery Charger down-converts 220-240V AC mains supply to 9V AC with the help of..
INR 125.00
RTC Based Time Operated Electrical Appliances
  Power Saving Using Time Operated Electrical Appliance Controlling System is a rel..
INR 4,000.00
Prepaid Energy Meter
  GSM and GPRS based Designs have developed another innovative and Public utility produc..
INR 4,000.00
Multi Story Car Parking with Password Protection for VIP Parking
Automatic Multistory car parking systemhelps to minimize the car parking area. In the modern..
INR 8,000.00
Secured Wireless Data Communication
This project is used to communicate or transmit a text message from one place to another place th..
INR 6,000.00
Secured Room Access System
Security is a prime concern in our day-today life. Everyone wants to be as much secure as possibl..
INR 4,000.00
Multipattern Running Lights
This Project Multi-Pattern Running light is used to generate several designs of Running Lights. W..
INR 4,000.00
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