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RFID Projects

RFID Projects
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RFID Animal Identification Device for Dairy Forms
  RFID animal identification picks up where animal tracking leaves off. Extending&n..
INR 5,500.00
RFID Based Ration Card
A Ration Card is a document issued under an order or authority of the State Government,..
INR 5,500.00
RFID Based Banking System
  In this project, the RFID module reader typically contains a module (transmitter&..
INR 5,500.00
RFID Based Library Management System
    The method used to carry out this project is the principle of serial c..
INR 5,500.00
RFID Based Blind Man Stick
RFID is very useful Technology for Blind man to Identify the things like Buses, Trains, Railway S..
INR 6,500.00
INR 50.00
RFID Based Inventory Tracking System
    RFID tags are comprised of a tiny microchip which is attached to an sm..
INR 5,500.00
RFID Based Voting Machine
Many secure systems, such as contactless credit cards and secure entrance systems, are built..
INR 5,500.00
RFID Railway Platform to Display Position of Coach
  This is a unique project with RFID tag to display the position of each coach in t..
INR 5,500.00
RFID Based ATM Machine
  An ATM with a currency dispenser includes a contactless card reader. The contactl..
INR 5,500.00
RFID Based Attendance System
  This project is developed by using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system&n..
INR 5,500.00
RFID Based Automatic Car Parking System
  RFID is a very useful technology in automation of Car Parking System in a Ma..
INR 5,500.00
RFID Based Automatic Challan System
  Here Basic idea of our project is to develop the automatic chalan system that..
INR 5,500.00
RFID based Event Tracking System for Sports
This kit includes Low Frequency RFID Reader and tags working at 125 khz frequency to fetch t..
INR 5,500.00
RFID Based Local Vehicle Tracking System
  Operating a managed, busy parking lot can pose significant challenges, especially..
INR 5,500.00
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